Sweet Nothin's: O Kadhal Kanmani Review!

Pandiyanadu - A simple yet fulfilling tale of revenge and emotion!

First things first, Mr. Suseendhiran, please rise and take a bow for the rousing applause you received at the conclusion of your film, at the decently packed theater here in the Bay Area yesterday. In this year jammed with inane comedies which have sought to turn audiences to brainless, laughing idiots, it is a relief to see a film that is nothing short of a grand Deepavali gift for the senses. Pandiyanadu is a simple, yet gutsy film for many reasons; Vishal as an actor and a first-time producer notwithstanding. Read more »

A style that is distinctly Sathyaraj!

A fine second innings is clearly underway for Sathyaraj. Smart, Stylish and Swanky sure do come to mind when it comes to the veteran of 35 years in South Indian Cinema. The peculiar thing is you can't say 'second innings' without cringing, because he has never quit acting even for a single year so far. A true professional at almost turn, Sathyaraj brings an abundance of experience that the current crop of actors would vie to learn from. Read more »

Top Ten Films of 2013

Special Mention:  Neram: A gutsy turn to invest in a viru-viru suru-suru film with newcomers. It does a lot of things right and most of all.. Pistha Somali Sama kiraayaa, anyone?!.. Welcome Nazriya Nazeem! :)

10) Haridas, a warm and tender film that depicts the relationship between an autistic child and his policman father. A territory where Tamil Cinema rarely veers to go. Read more »

Survival of the Smallest!

Wake up and smell the coffee! Tamil Cinema has arrived in a mini size! The small 'fries' of tinsel town have achieved the kind of faith in the industry that few have accomplished over the years. The survival of the smallest mentioned here hasn't been an overnight phenomenon. It has taken many years, many a vision, many a sleepless night to see it come to fruition. The smallest, you see, the New Kids on the Block, as they have may been popularly referred to, have turned tamil cinema and its traditional leanings upside down. Read more »

Supporting Actors Crossword Puzzles :)

Know your supporting actors in Tamil Cinema?! Then check out this quiz and tell us what you think! 

Supporting Actors includes villains and comedians and all that fall in the middle! 

Have fun folks! :) Ping me on Facebook for questions!


Review: Naatak Play: Jis Lahore nai dekhya.. O jamyai nai on Friday, March 11, 2011

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty; the ocean does not become dirty. - Mahatma Gandhi

Preview: INDIVA 2011, calendar this in!

Have you stepped out lately? Read more »

Review: OSAAT Naatya-Raaga 2011: February 19th and 20th, 2011

On February 19th and 20th 2011, one of Bay Area's finest organization One School At A Time (OSAAT) hosted its signature fundraising program, Naatya-Raaga.